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46 stock icons

Last week I made 6 icons for torchwho_icchallenge:

Kisses challenge:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

All icons are - use, modify, distort or/and destroy to your own liking.

Anti-copyright also means credit is not necessary if you, however, wish to credit I won't stop you :)
Feedback { positive AND negative} is always appreciated.

Hotlinking makes Donna angry, do you really want to bring that upon you?

Feel free to watch/join </a></b></a>lime_unleashed for fresh deliveries. Enjoy!
This mood theme is under construction. Suggestions ( as to which scenes to use) are very much appreciated.

accomplished aggravated amused angry annoyed
anxious apathetic artistic awake bitchy
blah blank bored bouncy busy
calm cherful chipper cold complacent
confused contemplative content cranky crappy
crazy creative crushed curious cynical
depressed determined devious dirty disappointed
discontent distressed ditzy dorky drained
drunk ecstatic embarrassed energetic enraged
enthralled envious exanimate excited exhausted
flirty frustrated full geeky giddy
giggly gloomy good grateful groggy
grumpy guilty happy high hopeful
horny hot hungry hyper impressed
indescribable indifferent infuriated intimidated irate
irritated jealous jubilant lazy lethargic
listless lonely loved melancholy mellow
mischievous moody morose naughty nauseated
nerdy nervous nostalgic numb okay
optimistic peaceful pensive pessimistic pissed off
pleased predatory productive quixotic recumbent
refreshed rejected rejuvenated relaxed relieved
restless rushed sad satisfied scared
shocked sick silly sleepy sore
stressed surprised sympathetic thankful thirsty
thoughtful tired touched uncomfortable weird
working worried
I know I sort of promised Torchwood walls, but for some mysterious reason ( o_O ) I had this sudden, completely uncontrollable urge to make Farscape icons- so I gave into it.
On another note, I really shouldn't have drank that green, kiwi-flavoured liqueur... it put me in that weird tired but hyper state *bounces around the place just for the heck of it*
Without further ado:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Farscape cravings, it can't be safeCollapse )

16 BIG textures

16 totally random wallpaper textures for y'all. Some are very old and some are outcome of my recent PS filter-orgy spree... or somethin' ;)


Link: File size: 20MB

Coming up next:
Doctor who& Torchwood icons ( should be here today, both sets are almost finished)

2 icon texture sets


Second set and linkage under the cut.

One small step for the Jaffa...Collapse )

Reality is where the pizza guy comes from

Or in my case- it's what othernaps me for long periods of time without so much as buying me a dinner first. And leaves me with strange urges to make T-Bag wallpapers...

Dot.dot.dotCollapse )

SGA "Ghost in the machine" screencaps